Planning for PlannerCon 2018

This weekend, I will be attending my first PlannerCon ever. There has been a lot of excitement and buzz going around in the planner community about this event, which inspired me to write about what I'll be bringing along!


What is "PlannerCon"?

Before I dive in, here's a brief overview of what PlannerCon is:

  • PlannerCon is an international planner conference in its second year with over 1,000 attendees.
  • The event is taking place in the Bay Area this weekend (3/3 - 3/4).
  • There are workshops to attend, vendors to buy from, as well as an evening session to craft with your fellow planners.
  • I found out about it last year through YouTube vlogs from attendees and purchased my ticket then.

You can find more information on their website, Facebook, and Instagram.


What I'm Bringing


Traveler's Notebook

I'm going to have my olive traveler's notebook on me for general note taking and collecting ephemera. I wanted to use a short insert for documenting the whole experience and this A5 slim notebook from Kyokuto's Camino line (included within The Stationery Selection's February box) fits the bill perfectly. It has a grid layout on the left side and is blank on the right side, which is great for versatility.

As for writing instruments, I only plan to carry a few of my favorites with me, including the handy olive pen pictured here as well as the usual Uni Ball Signo in black (0.38mm). In addition, I'll probably bring a pencil for sketching and doodling.


Blog/Instagram Cards

I made small cards to give to new people I'm going to meet at the conference! I seriously considered ordering them online (through a service like MOO), but ultimately decided that making them myself was more plausible in terms of both cost and timeline.

As it is impossible for me to create identical cards, I had to fully embrace the small imperfections in each one during the process. It was oddly refreshing in a way, not worrying about making them exactly the same. Hopefully they will serve their purpose in helping me keep in touch with everyone I get to know.


Washi Samples

Many attendees are going to have various items on them for swaps. Since I also want to share what I have, I ended up making 50 washi samples from my collection. I used floss bobbins to wrap the washi around, which means I can carry them easily in a bag. These are nothing fancy compared to the keychains, notebooks, and stickers everyone else is bringing, but I personally didn't want to go empty-handed to an event where sharing is caring!


What Else Will I Be Doing?

Aside from visiting the vendor area for shopping, I'll be going to four different workshops across two days. 

They're also holding a plan-a-thon on Saturday night with raffles and a scavenger hunt, which sounds really fun! We'll see what kind of energy I can bring after working the entire week, but at the same time I feel extremely lucky to be a local for a such a huge conference.

Stay tuned for more updates on my Instagram as the weekend arrives. Happy planning!