Quality Stationery for Everyday Life

It feels like yesterday when we all wished each other a happy 2019 - January certainly flew by, didn’t it? For me, the last month and a half was filled with job searching and making the transition from the old job to the new. I start a new position next week in San Francisco, and The Stationery Selection box for this month couldn’t have arrived at a better time!

Such a specific subscription box may give off the impression that it’s only for those who journal day in and day out, but what I love most about The Stationery Selection boxes - and especially this month’s - is how functional the contents are for everyday life. I have a full-time corporate job outside of my journaling hobby and I plan to integrate a few of the items I received into my work schedule. The rest are perfect travel companions for my upcoming international trip this year as well.


For Work


The Delfonics Rollerbahn notebook is a great size to carry for daily notes. My existing planner where I keep my to-dos is the Midori MD diary in the B6 slim size, but as much as I love using it, it doesn’t offer much space for brainstorming or jotting down ideas. I’ll be picking up a lot of new knowledge at this job, so having a separate notebook for writing notes is going to help me immensely. It has cream-colored pages and a functional grid layout, which makes it the ideal companion. It fits perfectly alongside the B6 slim diary in my planner pouch as well.


I’ll also be bringing the Kokuyo Jibun Techo planning stencil with me in the same pouch. It goes without saying, but this item will be really helpful for tracking my hours throughout the day. Another idea I have is to track my commute since I’ll be taking public transportation to work, so it might be interesting to see how long the differently timed trains take and how crowded they are.

If I use the stencil in my daily notes, I’ll be able to see where the hours of my day are going. As someone who doesn’t like vertical hourly planners for work (it feels too restricting and I feel obligated to fill in every hour for some reason), it makes for a nice workaround. The stencil is compact but covers everything I need for notes on the side - arrows, boxes, bullet points, name it and it’s there!

The Slip-On Sierra ballpoint pen in its nice, crisp white color will add a unique and professional look to my work stationery lineup. The pen has a fine enough point that I can use it with the stencil, too.


For Travel


Something else that’s coming up for me in the next few months is my trip to Korea in early April. I’m determined to downsize my travel supplies this time and the Plus Pen Twiggy scissors and the Tombow PiT glue in this box are the perfect additions. They’re much more portable than their usual counterparts and serve their purpose very well - the scissors are very comfortable to use, and the glue even comes with two extra refills!

The Midori mesh pencil case is a lot lighter than what I used to carry and allows me to see exactly what’s inside. I’ve been through moments where I dug through all of my supplies trying to find something specific, but I definitely won’t run into that situation with this case. It’ll definitely be more convenient to use while traveling, when I’ll have limited time to journal between destinations. It can expand freely to accommodate its contents as well.

I also love that this month’s box includes bread-themed Nishi Shuku postcards and BGM deco stickers. I’ll be eating plenty of bread and pastries at coffee shops in Korea, so I can’t wait to include the stickers in my travel journal. I can use the postcards to send my friends a note, or even include it in my journal to talk about more pastry adventures!


I stayed spoiler-free for this month’s box and the amount of joy I felt when I opened it up was phenomenal. I really enjoy being subscribed to The Stationery Selection because I constantly discover products I’d never heard of, and yet they’re so functional and can work themselves seamlessly into my existing life. It’s the only stationery-related subscription I have and I’m so happy with my experience so far.

If you’re curious about the monthly box, you can visit their website here to learn more about how to become a subscriber! Their blog also features many inspiration posts from their design team members.


Disclaimer: I was a guest design team member for The Stationery Selection in February, which means I received this month’s box free of charge. However, I’ve been a paying subscriber since late 2017 and plan to continue purchasing these boxes afterwards. Rest assured that all opinions are my own!

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If you enjoy this blog’s content, then please consider supporting me with a cup of coffee!