Europe Travel Journal Supplies

I'm jetting off to Europe in a week, which gives me a chance to reevaluate my travel journal supplies. Up until now, my go-to was the olive traveler's notebook - true to its name, it was a perfect size to house brochures and was a sturdy cover for the travel insert. I ran into a predicament when I found out that the olive TN didn't quite fit into the portable travel bag I have. It also gave me an idea to try something different this time to see how a new travel journal system will work for me.




I'm planning to carry two notebooks with me on the trip - the Midori B6 slim to throw into my bag for on-the-go notes and the Midori 10th anniversary A5 sketch journal in the limited edition paper cover for more in-depth, reflective journaling that will take place once I retire for the night. As you can see, my B6 slim goat leather cover is already noticeably "watermarked" (ha ha, get it?), so I won't be too concerned about carrying it with me everywhere I go at this point. I'll be leaving the A5 size behind and using it to log my travels more properly after the fact, including ephemera and rough sketches of sights I've seen.

To carry them through the flights and various other travels between destinations, I'll be keeping them in the ateliers PENELOPE diary pouch in the large size (available exclusively at Baum-kuchen).



For pretty much everything else, I'll be using the Delfonics mini pouch. This is an item that I'd be leaving behind in the room along with the A5 size for practical reasons. Although it looks quite small, it always surprises me with how much it can hold. Without rambling too much, I'll let the pictures do most of the talking!


I'm bringing my favorite pens for writing and lettering, as well as a Midori brass pencil and an eraser for drawing. I'll be relying almost entirely on my small colored pencil set to carry me through the trip. I also packed the Akashiya Sai watercolor brushes in case I feel a little more adventurous with my art.


In addition to all of the pens mentioned, it'll also carry my miscellaneous supplies, including: a pair of scissors, a pencil sharpener, a tape runner, clips to hold my notebook pages open, a few sheets of watercolor paper and Classiky labels, and finally, some sheets of stickers. I'm thinking of sneaking in a few washi samples in the very back pocket since there's room, but I'll make sure not to bulk it up with actual rolls of washi tape.

And that's it! I'd like to think it's a fairly minimal setup for almost two weeks of travel, but I also want to know what you think. What do you bring with you to your travels? Do you use all of your supplies that you take with you, or do you stock up on stationery once you reach your destination? Be sure to let me know, and thanks for reading!

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