Tried and True Stationery Supplies

So far at Those With Words, I've featured my journal setups and new purchases at length. This time, I want to dedicate my time to talk about the stationery supplies I reach for the most often, if not daily. I have made a goal not to buy any new stationery until April (with the monthly The Stationery Selection box being the only exception), and while shopping my own stash I'm remembering how much I love some of these items.


Rainbow Colored Pencil

I'm not sure when I even purchased this pencil. I've had it for years, and it was my go-to for writing the "to:" line in a card or letter. Nowadays, I like using it to make a border around my "daily gratitude" section in my MD Diary. It helps to separate my daily reflection from the schedule and to-do list areas, and it also adds a bit of happiness and magic to each page.


Shachihata Number Stamps

I received these stamps as a part of The Stationery Selection's December 2017 box and couldn't be happier. All of them stamp clearly and so easily, and work with multiple types of ink pads. Since both my MD Diary and Traveler's Notebook weekly insert are undated, I use these constantly for marking the month and the day.


Oshanpo Shopping Planner Stamps

I purchased these a few months ago from Cute Things from Japan when I was planning my 2018 journal setup. I like to keep to-do lists each day at my work and the smaller stamps from this brand go along with my handwriting very well. They're very practical in that they don't stand out too much, but they pop just enough on the page for me to distinguish them from the rest of the text.


Ateliers Penelope Diary Pouch

I use this pouch to carry the A5 size MD Diary with me to work every day. I place my Traveler's Notebook inside from time to time, which fits nicely as well. The standard pouches by Ateliers Penelope are a little smaller, but the one I have is a larger size collaboration between the brand and Baum-kuchen. It also comes with two zippered areas at the top and back. I carry a few pens, a highlighter and a ruler with me in the top area that folds over, and I put sticker sheets and stencils in the back pocket. I really like how light it is compared to other products on the market.


Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen & Uni Ball Signo DX Gel Pen

The Pilot Metropolitan was my first fountain pen and is currently my one and only! I gingerly made my way over from gel pens, and so far, I'm really enjoying the experience. I purchased the fine nib through JetPens and it writes so smoothly, it almost feels like my writing glides on. I'm still a newbie fountain pen user so I'm sticking with ink cartridges for now, but scribbling notes and doodling with it has been gratifying nonetheless.

That doesn't mean I've stopped using gel pens, though! As you can see, the Uni Ball Signo is still very much in the daily rotation. I've taken a liking to the dark gray one, which I use to track my meals for the day. It helps to visually separate that portion of the page from everything else since the color is slightly lighter than black ink.


Hobonichi Stencil

I purchased a few stencils from the Hobonichi website along with a spring 2017 Hobonichi Techo last year and I have used them extensively since then to mark important events in my monthly pages. There's an icon for just about every type of occasion, so it definitely comes in handy.


Planner Stickers

I also use some leftover stickers from a Moleskine planner I had years ago and fun stickers from Midori to indicate appointments and days I have to remember. It's a simple and functional way to decorate, which is always a plus in my book.


Washi Tape

Last but not least, I use a few washi tapes to make the most crucial items of the day stand out, and these two are my favorites at the moment. I like to use the notebook page patterned one to write down the most important task of the day or an inspiring quote to keep me motivated. The matte black washi allows me to create clean lines between sections and helps me organize my thoughts better.

I'm really glad that this "no spending on stationery" rule I have imposed upon myself has led to some pleasant discoveries in the things I already own. As much as I love buying and trying new things, this exercise has allowed me to appreciate how much I have in my corner of the living room. Let's hope I can keep this up for a few more months!