Latest Stationery Purchases

Instead of going to the mall on Black Friday, I decided to treat myself to a sizable online haul, including a selection of stationery items. I already shared some of my purchases on Instagram because I couldn't contain my excitement! Here's a more in-depth review of my recent favorite purchases.


Traveler's Company coffee bean charm

I've been wanting to add another charm to my olive traveler's notebook for a while now and have browsed quite a few websites to look for one. When I came across this simple coffee bean charm made by Traveler's Company, I was smitten. I like the brushed and aged look of it and it adds a nice little variety to the olive leather and the vintage Little Prince charm with its silver coloring. It's dainty and small, too, which means it doesn't get in the way of opening and closing the journal.


Shiba Inu washi tape

This one was a no-brainer as soon as I saw it. Shiba Inus are one of my favorite dogs of all time and the adorable design of them rolling around only made it better. The adhesive is good quality and the pattern is fairly long, so you'll see a good number of different Shiba Inus before you circle back to the first one again.

Cute Things from Japan x Momoro bear coffee stamp

I have to admit, I have a couple of coffee-related stamps already because I'm a huge coffee enthusiast. I justified my purchase of this stamp by saying to myself, "it's different. See? It has a cute bear on it." The collaboration between the Cute Things from Japan shop and the artist Momoro produced other animal designs as well, which you can see here (hedgehogs! A polar bear! A fox! I'm excited to see what they'll do next). 

Knoop writing hand stamp

I love the quality of Knoop stamps and their fine details. This stamp is a rather famous one among stationery lovers and I decided to buy it because of its versatility. I plan to use it on cards, letters, my creative weekly spreads, and the like. I can also add it to the end of my brush lettering for a handwritten effect.


Sailor Moon washi tape

Sailor Moon was one of my favorite shows growing up and I thought the pattern on this washi tape was really clever. Is it sad that I still recognize some of these sailor objects so well even now? The only disappointing part of this purchase is that the tape has a weak adhesive and doesn't stick very well to the page. The corners keep flipping up and I almost have to use it like pieces of paper by gluing it down. Regardless, I'm sure I'll find many uses for this design as I continue to fill up my notebooks.


Kitta animal sticker seals

I've always wanted to try one of Kitta's many portable sticker seal sets and this one arrived with other goodies in The Stationery Selection's November subscription box. I appreciate that the sticker shades are a bit muted because I don't like using super bright colors in my journals. They're also the perfect size for my A5 Midori MD Diary as pictured above, which means I'll definitely be using them a ton in this upcoming year.

And that's a wrap! I can hardly believe it's December. It'll be just a few more weeks before we celebrate the beginning of a new year again. I'll be taking part in December Daily for the first time this year, which involves journaling every day until the 25th. I'll be sure to share more as I make progress. I hope everyone is staying warm!