Stationery & Lifestyle Wishlist

Ever since I got back into the world of stationery, I've been "treating myself" to an item here and there without much thought. Although washi tape, stickers and post-it notes don't cost too much by themselves, they certainly add up by the end of the month when I review my spending budget. I thought I would try a bit of impulse control by crafting up a wishlist, which would force me to ponder why exactly I want these items. Plus, it's always fun to dream, don't you think?


Midori MD goat leather notebook cover

I used to obsess over every scratch and mark that showed on my belongings. Maybe I really am growing older, but these days I find myself wanting the items I own to age with me, to have a patina that is unique to my lifestyle. The goat leather notebook cover is perfect for this purpose, as it darkens to a caramel color over a period of time. I'm particularly looking for the B6 size, which is slim enough to carry alongside my daily belongings, but still substantial enough that I have room to write down my ideas.


Shachihata alphabet and numbers stamp sets

I already have alphabet and number stamps from Paper Source, but they're larger, lowercase, and come from a more pronounced serif font family (think Courier New). I like the subtle serif in these, they're uppercase, and they seem sturdier because of the grip.


The Superior Labor paint small shoulder bag

I already have three trips planned for next spring and summer, for which this bag will be perfect. I'm planning to order a customized one with a navy bottom. The crossbody strap will keep me hands-free during my travels and the malleable leather and canvas mean I'll have plenty of room to carry my everyday essentials. I don't have anything like this in my current bag lineup and am looking forward to adding it to my collection.


A portable pencil case

All of my pencil cases hold a ton, but are bulky to carry. I haven't found one from a specific brand that I like yet, but I'm thinking something along the lines of canvas, thin when closed, and possibly with a zipper.


Kaweco Classic Sport fountain pen (clear) EF nib

My mom and I recently had a conversation about how she used fountain pens daily from her middle school days onward. She said fountain pen ink didn't fade easily, which allowed her to take copious amounts of notes in class with confidence that she'll be able to read them long into the future. Although she attended school when personal computers didn't exist, I find myself wondering if the old school charm of a fountain pen will strike me someday. The combination of design, portability and price in this particular Kaweco fountain pen intrigued me and I've had my eye on it for a while now.


A writing desk

Right now, I do all of my crafting on the dining table. The pro: it provides me with a ton of room. The con: I have to clear the table every time we eat. I often have to stop working on my projects and close them completely, which makes coming back to them later a bit less inspirational as opposed to leaving the notebook open with various ideas and returning to it later. The only caveat with buying a writing desk is that I want the height to be lower than usual so that I can have my feet firmly planted on the ground as I write. And so the search continues!


A customized stamp

I think a custom stamp with either my name or my initials will be neat for snail mailing. I recently started wanting to send cards and letters to family and friends again as a way of showing them how much I appreciate them. Plus, since hardly anyone in my life writes letters by hand anymore, so it'll be a true surprise.


Leather key holder

I've been looking for a leather key holder so that my car and house keys don't scratch the inside of my bags, but all of the ones I see are a little too expensive for me. I would want something sturdy with a secure closure, probably in leather. I have yet to discover one that I like that sits right with me on price point.


Metal clips

As my Traveler's Notebook inserts bulk up with writing, stickers, washi tape and other decorations, I have consistently needed to hold it open with my Gekkoso right hand clip. It'd be great to get a different metal clip for the other side of my notebook as well, but I haven't decided on what kind yet. Gold? Silver? Rose gold? Matte black? Even choosing a color is difficult, let alone the style of the clip.


Stationery storage box

I keep all my washi tape in a paper box, my stickers in a Hobonichi 2017 box, and my colored pencils and pens in a plastic container that came from... I can't remember where. The point is, all of my stationery supplies are scattered, and sometimes it takes me rummaging through a container for a good few minutes before I find what I'm looking for - hence my wish for a proper storage box. While the all-time classic Classiky desk tool box is tempting for sure, it doesn't make sense for me to purchase it because I don't have a desk to place it on. For now, I'm planning to reorganize a few plastic drawers I have to make room for my daily craft supplies, but I want to eventually find a wooden box or a small on-the-desk shelf.

And that's it! Those are the ten items on my stationery and lifestyle wishlist. Some of them are definitely more specific than others, but it was helpful for me to lay out all the items in a post to assess what I really need, and what I should aim to purchase first. It seems like a writing desk is a pretty sure bet - I will keep you updated!